French property and succession

Ivan Healy provides expertise and a cross-cultural approach for those looking to buy property or having property interests in France. He has have a proven track record of handling high value or complex transactions and often works closely with our clients’ advisers regardless of location. Ivan has the support of strong specialist expertise across a range of areas in France, including cross-border estate planning, tax advice.

Beatty Healy offers specialist, bilingual expertise to clients who require advice on all aspects of French property law and French succession and inheritance, and work with a network of French lawyers.

Common areas where our team can help include:

  • The sale and purchase of French immovable property
  • Terms of the initial contract and supporting documentation including proposed amendments or modifications
  • Liaising with the French notaire and other French advisers
  • Structure of ownership / succession planning
  • Cross border tax advice in relation to property ownership including wealth tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax
  • Sales by minors / adults with incapacity
  • Contentious property (in collaboration with our Paris correspondent)
  • Expert witness evidence and opinions on French property and succession law
  • Transfer of property following divorce
  • Cross border estate planning and Wills (in collaboration with the Private Client department)
  • French probate and Administration

As we cannot list all the areas in which we offer advice, please call us to discuss your particular requirements.

Ivan has first-hand knowledge of the interaction of the French and Irish legal systems, and has huge experience in the field of French property and succession and is frequently asked to act by French clients in legal proceedings conducted in Ireland. Much of our work comes from referrals from other lawyers and professional firms.

Ivan Healy is also a Notary Public for Ireland.

We belong to the relevant professional associations including the Franco-Irish Lawyers Society, the France-Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

We are listed by the French Embassy as a recommended firm for French legal requirements in Ireland.

Please see our ‘News’ for recent EU developments in succession law .